What we are reading this week - May 29, 2020


Small business edition

Today we will look at some of the key aspects of running a small business during a pandemic: finances, customer loyalty, and a nearing tax deadline, all covered by selected experts in some of the best outlets for all things business and finances.

1. 5 Financial Steps to Take Now During Coronavirus

By Ami Kassar

Even though things have been rough for the most of us, the business doesn’t really stop as long as you have yourself, your inventory, some assets left, and possibly some staff remaining to work for you. All of that means that financial decisions still need to be taken, but it can be hard to decide what’s smart to focus on right now. Ami Kassar reflects on this important question and comes up with 5 things you can look at now and take action. 


2. 75% of Consumers Plan to Support Small Businesses More Often

By Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead

It hasn’t been easy to be a small business owner in the spring of 2020. But some good news are coming in, and that’s a renewed hope of more customer loyalty come slightly more normal times. Many businesses have been surprised by the sheer volume of the support they have received from their communities, and this article looks at it in more detail, seeing that it’s not a one-time occurrence but a growing trend. Now, that’s some relief! 


3. The extra weeks until July 15 fill up for preparers

By Jeff Stimpson

Tax preparers anticipate a very busy season in the next 6 weeks, and if you don’t do your taxes yourself, or aren’t a tax preparer for others, it’s good to keep in mind that things will only go uphill from now on. Take a look at this article to make sure you are thoroughly informed and file your paperwork in time before things get crazy. It’s better not to wait until July, that’s one takeaway we are going to keep in mind after reading this article. 


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