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What We Are Reading This Week - April 21, 2020

What We Are Reading This Week - April 21, 2020

Latest developments on Stimulus Checks and first reports on how much funding American business received from the $2.2 trillion response to the pandemic.

1. IRS urges quick action to register children for $500 coronavirus stimulus payment by Wednesday

By Michael Cohn

The Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department are urging recipients of Social Security benefits, as well as railroad retirement and veterans benefits recipients, to act quickly to register their children online with the IRS by April 22 if they haven’t already filed a 2018 or 2019 tax return, so they can receive an extra $500 per child as part of their economic impact payment for the coronavirus.


2. IRS introduces a tool for taxpayers to track stimulus payments

By Danielle Lee

Click on this article in order to learn about not one, but two important tools — a special tool to track your stimulus payments as well as registering for it if you normally don’t file taxes.


3. Small construction cos. top list of virus relief loan approvals

By Jason Grotto for Bloomberg News

A fascinating first glimpse of the current loan situation is offered in this article, based on the newest reports available. Based on early reports, up to 70 percent of loans approved consisted of $150,000 or less.

Find more information that can help you make the decisions for your business in the article. 


Fanya Becker

Fanya Becker

Fanya Becker is a Synder expert with sound experience in consulting various clients on automation solutions. She researches and provides guidance for small businesses on their path towards automating mundane and recurring parts of their workflow, works with professional accountants, and frequently interviews industry experts to create relevant and forward-looking content for Synder.

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