Top Refunded Customers Report: a Short Overview

Top Refunded Customers Report: a Short Overview

🤔 What is the Top Refunded Customers Report?

The Refunded Customers Report is one of the most common types of insights you can extract from your existing customer database. It’s a valuable tool for understanding the refund habits of your customers. It can help you get a sense of how many of your customers are asking for a refund, and how you can reduce the number of refund requests you get in  future.

⚖️ How is the Top Refunded Customers Report calculated?

Synder provides you with an accurate report with ranking your customers from highest to lowest customers who are most likely to refund based on the total amount of refunds per customer for a given period.

🔎 What do these numbers tell us?

With the help of Synder’s report you c an see what customers are getting refunded the most in terms of total dollar amount and observe the ongoing tendency of refunds in general. You can also sort them by refunded amounts, number of refunds, etc. 

Learn who refunds goods, try looking for patterns and tailor your target customer profile accordingly.

📈 What can be done to grow sales based on these numbers?

What you need is a reliable system that will help you identify potential buyers and drive satisfaction through repeat business. In other words, you need a system that can help you create a loyal base of core customers. A base that you can leverage for the foreseeable future. One way to do this is to understand your top refunded customers. 

Knowing your customers and their needs, you’ll be able to choose better strategies for your business. Let Synder Business Insights do the numbers so that you can focus on the right strategies for your business!

Synder team

Synder team

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