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Synder Placed in GetApp’s Category Leaders Report for Accounting Software

Synder Placed in GetApp’s Category Leaders Report for Accounting Software

Each year GetApp, an online review resource businesses can use to make smart decisions about software, reviews leaders in a variety of business software categories and puts together a list of the best in the industry. We’re proud to announce that Synder has been recognized as a top solution by GetApp in its latest Category Leaders report for Accounting Software.

The Category Leaders report for Accounting Software ranks the top accounting software solutions based on customer ratings and reviews. To ensure unbiased and data-driven evaluations, the rankings are broken down into five key deciding factors for potential software users: ease of use, value for money, functionality, customer support, and likelihood to recommend. Each factor is worth 20 points, with a possible total of 100. The research methodology is available here.

Each Category Leader gets a radar chart, which shows how the tool scores for each of the five factors (shown in blue) relative to the average scores of all tools in the category (shown in black). Thanks to our users, Synder has received 89 points with the highest marks in the Functionality and Customer Support sections. Take a look at the Synder radar chart:

Based on 240 reviews, Synder is a top-rated product on GetApp with a high overall rating of 4.8:

Want to review Synder? Click here.

“We’re thrilled that GetApp has named Synder as one of the leading accounting software options for 2023. Our team has put in tremendous effort to equip Synder with powerful and user-friendly features, making accounting a hassle-free and a stress-free task. The positive feedback of our customers proves that we stay true to our motto “Machine accuracy. Human approach” and facilitate the accounting processes for business owners and accounting professionals alike.” 

Michael Astreiko, CEO at Synder

About Us:

Synder is a top-rated US-based software company providing e-commerce and SaaS businesses as well as accountants and bookkeepers with automated accounting software. The company’s products, Synder Sync, Synder Books and Synder Insights, show an unprecedented level of attention to detail and make accounting processes, such as synchronizing transactions, managing data, reporting and getting insights, much simpler and streamlined. With 25+ integrations available, Synder continues to add sales platforms and payment gateways on customers’ demands, and offers smooth automated accounting experience, ensuring compliance with the highest security standards.

About GetApp:

GetApp is a recommendation engine that helps small and medium-sized businesses make informed software choices. By providing customized and data-driven recommendations, GetApp empowers SMBs to achieve their goals. GetApp operates under the umbrella of Gartner.

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