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Snyder vs Synder: Get the power of superheroes with the perfect accounting tool

Snyder vs Synder: Get the power of superheroes with the perfect accounting tool

Have you been looking for Snyder or Synder accounting? Many people confuse these names and this is no coincidence! We will tell you what makes Synder and the superheroes of Zack Snyder so alike.

As in Justice League, our team united to face the greatest business enemy – indifference to numbers. A lack of concerns and attention to your income and expenses lead to the limitations in business prospects. Failure to track inventory smartly or calculate taxes accurately may bring about great financial losses.

We know that the capability to analyze your business results is as important as ambition and leadership to make a lot of money. That’s why our founders, Michael Astreiko and Ilya Kisel, came up with the idea to create a solution that will take the responsibility of monitoring numbers from business owners and back them up while they are growing their businesses.

How did we come up with the “Synder” name?

The story goes back to 2019, when the idea for accounting automation began. A competition for the best name for a new accounting tool that will undermine the old approach to managing books was announced for all employees of the company. Creativity captured our entire team!

There were loads of ideas for the upcoming accounting superhero:

The Fastest Squad: FastBooks, SpeedBooks, FlashBooks, RocketBooks

The Friendliest Squad: HelloBooks, HiBooks, BusinessBro

The Sexiest Squad: HotBooks, BomBooks

The Brightest Squad: GreenBooks, BlueBooks

The Measureless Squad: DeepBooks, LightBooks, PlainBooks, GrossBooks

Finally, the star was born! With joint efforts, our team made up “Synder”. Two words were encrypted in this name: synchronization and… Cinderella! The first one is pretty easy to explain: the tool was intended for synchronization of sales data into books. With Cinderella, things are a little bit more complicated and not so evident. To run a business successfully, it’s vitally important to keep your books and accounting crystal clear and transparent. No one wants to be caught on a stupid error and get the fine, right? That’s where Synder comes in handy! It takes care of your books, detects all imperfections, and makes sure that all data are 100% accurate. Accounting Cinderella for modern businesses!

Well, so what is Synder accounting about?

Let’s try to forget for a few seconds that accounting is the most tiresome and boring thing on earth. You may be surprised but it’s not as bad as it seems!

Let’s say you started an e-commerce business on Shopify and Amazon platforms. The concept would be to sell customized iPhone covers dedicated to popular DC Comics movies. Awesome! All you need is to start selling. In a month or two, you are getting first sales, your customer base is growing and you are getting more and more orders. But managing 30 orders per month is not the same as even 300 orders per month. Tracking the inventory, taxes, discounts, fees for the platforms would become a nightmare. It seems that becoming a future Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk is not so easy.

It’s a typical situation for all growing businesses. At some point, every business owner faces the necessity to automate manual operations to scale sales and free up time. You can deny it and get stuck on the same profitability or accept this business reality and take some action.

That is the moment when Synder comes on stage! All you need to do is:

  • Connect all your e-commerce platforms in use, as well as, payment processors to Synder
  • Import historical sales into Synder to get the full picture for the whole period
  • Automatically generate your Profit&Loss and balance sheet as well as limitless custom reports to keep up with your real business metrics.

Synder will automatically record all your ongoing transactions and track taxes, fees, discounts, products, and customers for each sale. No manual actions!

That’s it! You just leveled up your business.

Now you know everything about Synder. Hope, next time you google “Snyder”, you are looking for the upcoming movie of Zack Snyder!

Enable your superpower with Synder to win!

Anastasia Su

Anastasia Su

Anastasia is a FinTech writer with experience working as a freelance writer for small business owners. She has participated in numerous events dedicated to business management and marketing. Anastasia is inspired by the fact that each successful business is a result of proper structuring so she tries to analyze every step and wants to share her observations with others.

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