Snyder vs Synder: Unleash Your Superhero Powers with the Perfect Accounting Tool

Snyder vs Synder: Getting Superhero Powers with the Perfect Accounting Tool
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Have you been looking for Snyder or Synder accounting?

Let’s do a little experiment. Look through your search results. If you see our logo and something like intelligent accounting for ecommerce there, you’re on the right track. But if you see Zack Snyder’s superhero movies in front of you (and you weren’t up for a movie), then you typed Snyder instead of Synder. And this is a different story.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people confuse these names. Is it a coincidence? Let’s find out whether there’s something that makes Synder and the Justice League superheroes alike. 

Let’s look at Synder from the superhero angle.

Synder superheroes

Think of the superhero Cinderella (Synderella?), or how the name “Synder” came to light

In every superhero movie, there’s always a story behind the appearance of a superhero.

Picture a business in distress. Its accounting often gets messy, requiring extensive manual efforts for accuracy. Financial records — those most important business numbers — lack the power to drive the business, merely serving tax reporting purposes. Clearly, they need assistance against a foe hampering effectiveness and growth.

So, here’s our enemy – Accounting Inefficiency. This formidable villain thrives on chaos, aiming to sabotage financial records, causing confusion, delays, and mismanagement. Its actions result in errors, discrepancies, and distress among ledgers, posing a constant challenge for businesses to maintain financial accuracy and clarity.

Doesn’t this sound pretty much like the opening of a superhero movie?

In reality, countless businesses face similar struggles, battling accounting inaccuracies and seeking clarity in their finances and better understanding their performance. And we know it because we were one of them.

It was the reason for our founders, Michael Astreiko and Ilya Kisel, to come up with the idea of creating a solution that could not only help accurately bring the company’s financial transaction data from payment systems to accounting and cut the manual work from the process. It was to take  the responsibility of monitoring numbers from business owners and back them up while they’re growing their businesses. And that’s how Synder’s journey started.

Back in  2019, when the software had been on the market for several years already (known as Business Payments), it badly needed a new name that would have reflected its concept. And the team’s creativity unleashed. There were loads of ideas. Actually, quite enough to form several superhero squads. Just take a look:

  • The Fastest Squad: FastBooks, SpeedBooks, FlashBooks, RocketBooks;
  • The Friendliest Squad: HelloBooks, HiBooks, BusinessBro;
  • The Sexiest Squad: HotBooks, BomBooks;
  • The Brightest Squad: GreenBooks, BlueBooks;
  • The Measureless Squad: DeepBooks, LightBooks, PlainBooks, GrossBooks.

Finally, one bright morning (or maybe it was one hard day’s night), an idea struck like a lightning. Who used to do mundane, time-consuming manual tasks like a pro and be super accurate no matter what? Sounds somewhat familiar. Doesn’t it sound like Cinderella?

The rest was a piece of cake. We merged the idea of Cinderella with the core functionality of our software – synchronization.

And lo and behold, here’s Synder!

(Here, we’re usually picturing a digital Super Synderella clad in shiny armor, holding a green-blue fireball of numbers. Her cloak flutters in the wind, but not a hair comes out of a perfect updo.)

Time to look at it in action.

What is Synder accounting about?

Let’s first create the right scene and atmosphere.

Imagine running an ecommerce business on Shopify and Amazon, if you like, to sell customized iPhone covers dedicated to popular DC Comics movies. You’re getting first sales, your customer base is growing, and you’re getting more and more orders. 


Apparently, managing hundreds of orders per month, let alone thousands, becomes more and more complicated. Tracking inventory, taxes, discounts, and fees across various sales channels and payment processors swiftly becomes a logistical nightmare. Imagine countless spreadsheets with data that you need to bring in the books. Imagine reconciling it and preparing tax returns. Will you have any strength and desire to analyze your finances beyond P&L to look for patterns, trends, customer behavior? 

Hell no!

And no one can blame you — you have more than enough on your plate.

Meanwhile, the situation above is typical for all growing businesses.

At some point, they come to the idea of automating manual accounting operations to scale sales and free up time. They also realize the need for a deeper look at their numbers to understand their business performance. And they need insights now, not at the end of a quarter or a fiscal year.

This is when Synder comes on stage (remember the shining armor and all that jazz)!

As soon as you connect all your ecommerce platforms and payment processors, Synder starts its magic.

  • Accurately imports your current and historical sales into accounting to get all your numbers and critical data on sales, products, and customers where it belongs;
  • Automatically generates your Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and limitless custom reports to keep up with your real business metrics.
  • Automatically handles sales taxes based on locations, shipment address, etc.;
  • Provides a real-time comprehensive view of your business performance any moment you need it.

In other words, Synder sweeps manual work away from your business accounting, leaving you with accurate numbers, fast reconciliation, and the books not only ready for tax preparation, but speaking to you, telling you what you might want to consider to drive growth.

Doesn’t it sound superheroic?

Who’s the real superhero here?

But let’s take a moment to appreciate the real superheroes (because they’re among us).

Real superheroes from Synder

Take a look around. Hidden among the everyday tapestry of business operations and office desks, there exists a legion of unsung heroes. They look like ordinary people but harbor extraordinary powers that can decipher the language of finance. Well, they don’t soar across the skies or exhibit supernatural abilities.

They simply shield businesses from fiscal chaos and guide them toward prosperity.

Like many heroes of legend, they act in the shadows, and their impact often remains obscured until a moment of dire need. When businesses face financial adversity, these number whisperers step forward, armed with an arsenal of skills – an eye for detail, strategic insight, and an ability to discern patterns within the labyrinth of data. Their unacknowledged heroism unfurls as they rescue struggling businesses and chart courses toward growth and success.

And just like those legendary superheroes from the movies, they might not even recognize their superpower until something unleashes it.

Still don’t have a clue? 

We’re talking about you. Yes, you, business owners, bookkeepers, and accountants – everyone giving numbers their voice and helping them speak and tell the story behind business operation and growth. You guys are doing a super great job.

And we, Synder, are happy and proud to boost your superpowers with technology and automation, so you can focus on what you do best – making sense of numbers, extracting deeper insights from the cryptic language of financial data, being advisors and partners in business growth. In other words, consider us your superhero’s utility belt, your shiny armor,  or a set of gadgets helping your superpowers come to the surface.

Long story short

Apparently, there’s a connection between Synder and Snyder. That’s superheroes and admiring their great deeds. But if you’d rather have a superhero’s life than watch it on the screen, search for Synder

Unleash your superpowers, and let’s do wonders together!

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