QuickBooks Connect 2023: Synder Highlights

QuickBooks Connect 2023: Synder Highlights

QuickBooks Connect 2023 was an absolute blast! Imagine three days packed with inspiration, over 65 breakout sessions, and a crowd of 3,000 peers. That’s the kind of event you don’t easily forget.

Hosted by QuickBooks, the globally recognized accounting software by Intuit, this event brings together accounting experts, QuickBooks platform partners, and the whole ecosystem surrounding it. And let us tell you, this time around, it was something truly special!

For Synder, this wasn’t our first QuickBooks Connect, but it certainly ranks among the most memorable. So, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on those three amazing days and share some of the highlights from our time at Booth 48 in Aria Las Vegas.

Sharing ideas and insights

One thing you can always count on at QuickBooks Connect is insightful discussions about cutting-edge financial tech trends. The event brings together some of the brightest minds in the industry, and it’s a hub for sharing ideas and opinions. 

This is how our CEO, Michael Astreiko, summed it up: “Synder had a mind-blowing time at QBConnect! Soaking in the experience of accounting and bookkeeping pros from across the USA and Canada, and diving deep into the feedback of our customers was the best part of the conference. It’s always refreshing and insightful to exchange ideas and learn what ticks and drives accountants today. You just can’t beat the kind of personal connections you make at these events. The real value of being there and helping people out is something you can’t measure in numbers.”

Ilya Kisel, our COO, shared his own QBC experience:

“Just so you know, I actually lost my voice at QBConnect, but honestly, it was totally worth it! I had the best time chatting with all the amazing folks who dropped by the Synder Booth. It was fantastic catching up with familiar faces and meeting new ones. We had some great conversations about everything from Synder to accounting in general. Every chat was inspiring, and I really valued everyone’s input.” 

Synder’s pre-QuickBooks Connect party

“This is exactly what a night before QBC in Vegas should be!”, said Synder partners. Why? We also hosted an incredible pre-QuickBooks Connect party at Area15, where our partners joined us for a fantastic evening filled with unforgettable memories. Let’s not forget the incredible Kelly Gonsalves and Nayo Carter-Gray,  who added their sparkle to this event and made it truly special.

Best people, amazing show, hundreds of photos. Yet, as the famous saying goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

Extended team and loads of feedback

This year, we decided to go big and brought in a larger squad to make sure we could handle all the questions our attendees had. And you know what? They really loved it! Our clients got the chance to meet the folks who helped them set up their accounts in person. We have to say, some of these meetings turned out to be pretty heartwarming.

Plus, those who’re only considering joining our partner community got to connect with the people who will be there to assist them every step of their Synder journey.

Polly Klimiankova, our Product Manager, had this to say: “QBConnect 2023 was amazing! It was awesome getting to meet so many people and catching up with our clients. The whole place was alive with cool ideas and great energy – it really felt like we were all in it together, making the conference a big win! There’s something special about meeting in person, and doing it in Vegas? Even better. It was not only great for work but super fun as well. Looking forward to more events where we can all get together, share, and have a good time!”

Dasha Kessel, our Customer Success Specialist, had this to add: “QuickBooks Connect was absolutely fantastic! Meeting people face-to-face, the ones we’ve only seen on Zoom, really brought everything to life – it was astounding to realize it’s all real. Hearing new folks ask, ‘Where have you been all this time? You’re a game-changer for us!’ and finally seeing our long-term clients live was incredibly special. Vegas was wild, the conference was top-notch, and the QBC party (I mean, do I even need to say more?) was phenomenal. Such an amazing event all around!”

Khalifa Salisu, our BDR, shared his perspective: “QBConnect Las Vegas was my first time going to the annual event as part of the Synder Team, and I had so many great conversations while meeting professionals who traveled from all across the world, including from my own country Canada. I’ve been very inspired on my journey to assist accountants and bookkeepers with new innovative solutions that improve their workflow and make their jobs much more efficient. Seeing Ryan Reynolds (Canadian Legend) on-stage was also definitely a highlight! “

Synder raffles

We brought lots of engaging activities, and they were a hit with the QuickBooks attendees. Our raffles were running every day (thanks Nayo Carter-Gray!) and they were so popular we’re thinking we’ll need more prizes next time! Our winners brought home amazing prizes that would make anyone’s heart beat (and go) faster! The spirit of Formula 1 was definitely all around Aria Las Vegas.

Did you like our raffles? Or maybe you’re a proud car owner thanks to one of them? We’d love to hear your thoughts on our raffles or any ideas for future prizes. Feel free to share in the comments!

Wrapping up QuickBooks Connect 2023

From those deep chats and making new connections to those epic pre-QuickBooks Connect parties, our awesome team, and the fun Synder raffles – this event was all about bonding and being super stoked about the accounting and finance world.

So, as we wave goodbye to QuickBooks Connect 2023, we’re already counting down to the next one. Until then, let’s keep the vibe of working together and bringing in fresh ideas alive. If you’d like to talk to us live, check out the events we’re attending. We’d be glad to meet and chat about life, technology, and making accounting a tad more thrilling and way less of a headache for everyone involved!

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