How to Leave a Comprehensive and Helpful Review on Etsy

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Leaving reviews on Etsy is a significant part of the shopping experience, as it helps others make informed decisions about their purchases. Reviews can be a great source of valuable feedback for Etsy sellers. They can help improve their products, service, and overall customer experience. 

However, writing a comprehensive and helpful review can be a daunting task. Informative, honest, and thoughtful feedback might take time and effort to create. We gathered a few simple tips to help you leave a comprehensive review on Etsy that would benefit both sellers and your fellow customers.

Why is it important to leave a review?

Reviews are critical for online shops, as they provide valuable insight for other shoppers. In addition to boosting trust and sales, reviews can also help sellers improve their products or services through constructive criticism. 

Unfortunately, only 29% of consumers leave reviews. Moreover, many people write reviews that are not helpful, or they leave them late in the shopping experience. 

You can help others make better decisions by taking a few minutes to leave a thorough review. A comprehensive one may include information about the product, shipping, customer service, and shipping time. It can also constructively point out the areas sellers might want to improve about their products or services.

How to leave a review on Etsy?

Reviews can be positive, negative, or neutral, so the tone of your feedback will depend on your experience with the purchased product or service received from a merchant. Leaving a review on Etsy takes several steps that are as follows:

  • First, select the item that you purchased from the seller.
  • Click Leave a Review and provide an overall rating.
  • You can also give an optional review. Remember to be honest, detailed, and constructive.
  • Click Submit once you have finished writing your review to post it.

You can also leave a review by clicking Write a Review on the right side of the product page.

If you purchased a digital product, such as an e-book or software, you can leave a review from your Etsy account. Go to the Reviews tab on your account and click the Write a Review button for the product you want to leave feedback on.

How to leave a review on Etsy

What to include in your review

While there’s no standard review format, you might want to include a few things in your review to make it more informative.

Include the product name and item number. They will help the seller identify your review, especially if they sell multiple products.

Include your purchase date. This way, your review can be helpful even if the product has since been improved.

Include any details that others should know. Highlight the shipping that took longer than expected. Mention if the product arrived damaged. How fast it took the seller to respond to your inquiry? In other words, put in all those details that might help other customers understand what experience to expect with purchasing and receiving a product and interacting with a seller.

How to craft an informative, honest, and thoughtful review?

Reviews should be more than a simple positive or negative response but an opportunity for you to provide helpful feedback to the seller. If you purchased a handmade product, the seller might want to know about any design, craftsmanship, or quality issues. This feedback can help the seller improve their product and provide a better experience for future buyers. 

A good rule of thumb is to leave a review after receiving the item and being completely satisfied. If there were any issues during the purchase, such as shipping delays or communication problems, you should bring them up with the seller first. Achieving a resolution is important before leaving a review.

Tips for writing a comprehensive review

It can take you time to create a review that other customers and a merchant might leverage. Here’re some tips that you might want to consider to help you craft a comprehensive review.

Be detailed

Be as detailed as possible, especially in terms of the product’s flaws or areas that could be improved. If you have suggestions for improvement, share them with the seller. Remember that sellers often rely on reviews to make changes and improve their products.

Be honest 

Be honest in your review, even if you loved the product. For example, if the product is well made but the coloring is slightly off, you should note that in your review.

Be constructive 

Constructive reviews are vital, as they help sellers improve their products. Avoid dismissing the product and focus on the areas that could be improved.

Focus on the product 

Your review should focus on the product, not you. Avoid writing about how you were treated during the purchase or how long it took to receive your product. Instead, provide constructive feedback on the product.

Prioritize the most important aspects 

There’s no need to write a novel in your review. Instead, prioritize the most important aspects of your purchase.

Be specific 

Be specific in your review, but don’t get too detailed. For example, you could say that the shirt has a medium-firm fabric, but you don’t need to write down the fabric type and thread count.

Offer your opinion 

While reviews are important for sellers, they’re also helpful for other buyers. As such, don’t be overly technical in your review. Instead, offer your opinion about the product.

How to leave a review on Etsy: final word

Customer reviews are an integral part of customer-merchant relationships that can do a favor to them both. By leaving reviews, customers can not only share their opinion on products and the level of services received. They can advise merchants on how to improve their performance, recommend a product or a particular vendor to others, or talk other customers out of wasting money on a low-quality product. E-commerce business owners can leverage customer reviews to better understand their customers’ needs and expectations from the products, improve or change their supply and thus manage inventory wiser (even. Even negative reviews can help merchants win customer loyalty by reacting to them properly, showing they care, and demonstrating their willingness to support customers and provide top-level service. And should they delete their Etsy account to start fresh, they might consider customer reviews to improve their services in the future.

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