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7 Successful Ways to Get Back to Work After Vacation

7 Successful Ways to Get Back to Work After Vacation

Everyone loves vacations. No matter how great your job is, a change of scenery, a relaxed schedule that you are in charge of, plenty of sun, a fresh sea breeze and a delicious cuisine is something that anyone often finds themselves daydreaming about during a stressful, long workday.

So, now you’ve had that sunlit beach walk, a hike up the mount Kilimanjaro or a Santorini weekend. But the mere thought of coming back to work makes you feel like you’ve never left. What can you do to help you make this transition smooth?

Our team has gathered up seven helpful tips to help you get started:

1. Get some shopping done

Getting back to work will require all the will you got. A yummy breakfast comprised of all your favorite things (if you can also make it healthy, you are truly our hero) will get you in a great mood, so be pro-active and stock up on things that make you happy in the mornings.

Pro tip: a cup of whole grain oatmeal with some organic walnuts and fresh fruit will do the job. Not a breakfast person? Get a head start with a meditation, quick run or pack in a morning gym session.

2. Get a good sleep

We know (most of) all your favorite shows are coming back for a new season. But the first day is going to be stressful, so try to leave binge-watching for a different night and get some good sleep.

Pro tip: plan a Netflix/Hulu/etc night with your buddies to look forward to instead.

3. Get there early

While this feels counterintuitive, because let’s face it, you are probably still in denial you have any job to go to at all, getting to work early will allow you to catch up on things you need catching up on and feel more comfortable with all the updates.

Pro tip: earlier commutes also mean less traffic. Are you not looking forward to driving and finding a parking space? Allow yourself a luxury of being driven to work. Get a cab and check your work calendar on the way to prepare yourself for a day to come.

4. Get back to existing projects

It’s possible people will want to give you new projects to work on. Do your best to resist any new commitments, if possible, don’t commit to anything at all on your first day and get back to where you’ve left off, if possible.

Pro tip: this one might be tricky to convince your management to let you do. What can help you is letting them know how many new insights you got while your mind had a time off on a vacation. Citing a few examples of what you came up with to optimize the operations currently running (possibly, optimizations that save the budget — everyone loves saving the budget) should do the job of convincing them.

5. Get yourself organized

Everybody knows that the best cleaning out of your apartment happens when you procrastinate doing something else. Embrace that. Organize your desk, clean out your email, take care of your expenses.

Pro tip: if you notice that you are suffering from anxiety today, it might be connected to worries about spending those extra funds from your savings account on your vacation. Utilize applications like Expensify to track your cash spending or Synder to organize all your online transactions from PayPal, Square and Stripe in Quickbooks to feel that you are on top of things.

6. Get prioritized

You will have a lot of tasks ahead. Choose one of the proven methods to help you decide what to start with (mark what is important to your management, what is urgent, what is both, what is neither, for example).

Pro tip: you might want to start the next few days with the tasks you least enjoy. This will help you look forward to the ones that come next.

7. Get a coffee

First day of work is not the time to start a new diet or swear off caffeine. Allow yourself treats that will get you through the day. We smell a fresh roasted cup of coffee.

Pro tip: be that guy and get your colleagues a round of Starbucks today. They probably covered you while you were gone and will appreciate a thank you gesture.

What helps you beat post-vacation blues? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Fanya Becker

Fanya Becker

Fanya Becker is a Synder expert with sound experience in consulting various clients on automation solutions. She researches and provides guidance for small businesses on their path towards automating mundane and recurring parts of their workflow, works with professional accountants, and frequently interviews industry experts to create relevant and forward-looking content for Synder.

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