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7 Reasons To Have Hope This Spring


Stories of everyday kindness that help us stay afloat during the COVID-19 Crisis.

This year many of us, individuals and families, small businesses, employees, and many different communities have been hit by the ongoing crisis, and truth be told, none of us knows exactly what’s on the other side of that door. 

But one thing is certain. No matter whether it is a spiritual time for you, or simply days that you usually spend with your loved ones, it is that time of the year when we think of hope and love. 

That’s why we decided to put together stories from across the world, which will help you reignite your faith in humanity, draw hope and resilience, and perhaps will give you inspiration for being a hero for your loved ones, your family, and your community. 

Factories repurposed into making protective gear and supplies 

There are so many accounts of large factories being repurposed to fit the times. We are grateful to those behind these efforts, everyone, from line workers making a heroic effort by going to work every day in the midst of uncertainty, to management who are putting the good of their community before their business strategies.

Citizens of Humanity, for example, has shared the following messagein an effort to help combat COVID-19, we have re-purposed their sewing facility and have begun producing masks for front line responders, including hospitals, healthcare workers and children’s advocacy groups. Of all that we have learned from this pandemic, it is indisputable that we are all in this together and with that in mind, we have decided to begin offering the masks to the broader public at a minimum price”.

Quiet fundraising efforts 

We have been incredibly impressed by what some of those in the spotlight have done to help those that need it. One such example is Lady Gaga, who, in a completely apolitical and non-partisan way, single-handedly raised $35 million for the solidarity response fund together with the WHO and Global Citizen. She has done it by putting her connections to use and phoning over 60 corporations instead of using social media and asking her fans to donate. Now that the fund-raising campaign is over she is organizing a concert, not a fund-raising event but a concert of hope and assurance to thank first responders and everyone who risks their lives. 

Countries stepping up

Many countries have stepped up and went beyond the national borders to accept COVID-19 patients from overwhelmed health systems, such as those in Italy and France. The Czech Republic recently was happy to accept six patients from France in its second-largest city of Brno. Germany started accepting patients from bordering regions in France as well as from Italy quite early on, having enough intensive care beds to sustain more patients that currently need it within the country itself. All of this is done quietly, without large press-conferences, just because some countries are able to cover the help that others find crucial at the moment. 

Neighbourly help 

Neighbors across the planet shared their willingness to help those who cannot live their house with important chores, such as getting necessities, supplies, and prescriptions. These efforts, spanning the globe, have helped and are continuing helping vulnerable citizens to stay indoors, while their healthy neighbors can do something to both, help those in need, and minimize everyone’s risk of catching the virus. 

Here is an example of one such post, that originated in the United Kingdom and can be printed by anyone who is available for help.

Children reaching out to the elderly

In a beautiful gesture, this primary school class started reaching out to care home residents, who have been feeling especially lonely and oftentimes scared during this time. Parents hope that these friendships will continue beyond what’s going on in the moment and will help bridge the generations, allowing the children to learn from their elders and thereby bring them joy and comfort. 

Designated shopping hours 

All over the world, in countries that include the U.S., Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland and Iceland, supermarkets and pharmacies have enacted special opening hours for at-risk shoppers to be able to run their necessary errands at a minimized risk. That way, people who normally could be scared to leave their homes would be less likely to face large crowds and long lines.

Next-door heroes 

All across America, there are thousands upon thousands of people who choose kindness. From offering free childcare services to medical workers on the frontlines to singing for their neighbors, to creating smart spreadsheets to match those who need help with those offering it – these beautiful human beings are giving us hope in humanity. 

We hope that these examples helped you feel more hope for tomorrow. And whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover, or are simply trying to be there for your loved ones in any way you can, we salute you and wish you to stay healthy and hopeful during this challenging time. 

This is possible when we are together, even together in isolation. 

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