5 Reasons Why AI won’t replace humans

Have you heard a case of a Hong-Kong company appointing an algorithm to its board in 2014? What if AI will run the companies of the future, not talking about other positions?

  We do not think so! Humans can relax. In today’s article, we are going to look at 5 reasons why AI won’t replace humans and will even make humans superheroes.

  Indeed, AI can do a lot of tasks faster and better than humans.  AI helps people with repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Artificial intelligence performs different routine tasks with ease and almost all repetitive tasks can be automated.  We have an opportunity to free up more time and complete our work much faster. This allows humans to focus on creative elements of their job’s responsibilities. Besides, AI can work continuously and make no errors. But what AI is not able to do? Let’s look at 5 reasons why AI can not replace humans.

AI robot and human

1. AI will never be able to mirror humans.

  Emotional Intellect is what we can be proud of. We can express feelings, show emotions, and read people immediately. Let’s take an example with customer service. Businesses can not replace all their customer service with AI. People want to have personal interactions as robots are not able to show empathy and feelings to customers. Thus, without personal interaction business can end up losing customers. 

   Only a human can read a face and instantly know the right thing to say.

2. AI isn’t smart enough to do creative work.

  With more AI in the world, humans get a chance to take on increasingly creative jobs. It is not only about creative sector, even in finance or coding we need to be more creative to begin and fulfill great projects. 

3. People can build relationships, while AI will never be able to do it.

  Many things are built on relationships. We have to make different deals with other people and develop collaborations. Moreover, while working in teams many of us show better results as individuals. Furthermore, according to many studies, the teams show better and more creative results.

4. People can show empathy, while AI will never display it.

  We can share our feelings: happiness, enjoyment, sadness, gratitude, hope, kindness, optimism…The list of all types of emotions that people experience is nearly endless. And we can hardly imagine an AI showing all the expressions and reading other people’s emotions better than a human can do.

5. AI can’t think outside the box and their code.

  These days, AI can’t find creative ways of solving various emerging problems because their code does not allow it. Robots are programmed to work within their frame. It is possible that someday a machine can think on its own, but in the real world, this will not be achieved soon.

  Overall, we can see the potential that more jobs will be created with further AI development. Someone has to create all those AI robots and all other possible types of algorithms. Moreover, people will have more opportunities to try new jobs that do not exist yet. These 5 reasons show why AI won’t replace humans and how AI features and functionalities can even turn us into superhumans.

Sasha Miller

Sasha Miller

Sasha is a digital automation expert with a background in finance and accounting. She is experienced in demand and traffic generation and is passionate about helping businesses to grow their marketing know-how. In addition to day-to-day marketing activities, Sasha researches about improvements in transaction data management for small businesses, investments, and financial analysis.

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  • Dear sacha Miller

    Thank you for your professionnal opinion on the comparaison between human and machine minds. I wish to ask you a question. Even though AI cannot replace human beings, I still fear that they can be use for lethal uses, like warfare. Do you have an opinion on how AI can have an impact on the futur of war and weapons research?

    Thank you

    Patrick Desjardins