When you receive payouts from platforms like Shopify, Synder compiles all transactions from that payout into a single summary when you have Per-Payout sync enabled.

Occasionally, on some platforms, payouts might not process as expected. This guide explains what happens in these situations and how to handle them using Synder.


  1. What happens when a payout fails
  2. Steps to take in Synder

What happens when a payout fails

If a payout from platforms like Shopify doesn’t go through, Synder won’t generate a summary for that particular payout.

The absence of a summary for transactions linked to failed payouts in the connected integration means you won’t find them under the “Summaries” tab.

Steps to take in Synder

When a payout fails, an alternative is to enable the Daily Summary feature instead of sticking with the Per-Payout Summary. This adjustment allows Synder to compile all transactions of the day, including those from the failed payouts, into a summary of all transactions for a day.

Follow the steps to switch to the Daily Summary setting:

  • Step 1. Go to Settings on the left-side menu.
  • Step 2. Access the General tab and proceed to the ‘Summary period’ menu.
  • Step 3. Change the summary period from the ‘Per-Payout’ mode to ‘Daily’.

Note: By switching to Daily Summary, Synder will update your summaries to collectively include all necessary transactions. Remember, the already synced summaries will remain unchanged unless they are rolled back and re-synced.

In essence, while the Per-Payout Summary mode provides an efficient synchronization method, opting for Daily Summary serves as a reliable alternative to guarantee thorough financial reporting, even when faced with payout issues.

Reach out to Synder Team via online support chat, phone, or email with any questions you have – we’re always happy to help you!

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