Usually, it is possible to link a bank feed deposit to invoices manually in your accounting when invoices are not yet deposited (stored on “Undeposited funds” for example). To do this you need to double-check what exact invoices/expenses are composing this deposit, which is time-consuming.

Synder solves this in a way that you do not need to link each individual invoice to the deposit, as there is a transaction called payout* which is supposed to be linked to it.
* Payout – money transfer from your payment processor to the bank.

Payout  is an exact match for your bank feeds records and it gets linked automatically by QuickBooks/Xero, so the only thing you need is to click “Match”/”ok” to confirm it. 

Each invoice/sales receipt/ expense created by the app is deposited to the clearing account ( for example “Stripe Bank Account” or “PayPal Bank Account”), and then it is a payout that is taking the amount from the clearing account and transfers them to your checking account for quick reconciliation.

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