Synder Added to QuickBooks’s Accountant Approved Bundles by Intuit

Synder Added to QuickBooks's Accountant Approved Bundles by Intuit

We’re thrilled to share the fantastic news that Synder has been included in the ‘Accountant approved bundles’ within the ‘Professional services’ category on QuickBooks. This recognition marks a significant milestone for us and reinforces our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions tailored to the needs of accounting professionals and their clients.

What makes this achievement so remarkable? Intuit collaborated closely with accountants to curate a selection of trusted apps, crafting industry-specific app bundles designed to enhance client outcomes. Now, when you explore apps on QuickBooks, you’ll discover a new feature: ‘Accountant approved bundles’. Apps included in these bundles undergo rigorous evaluation by a panel of seasoned accountants. These experts assess factors such as accuracy, efficiency, compliance, and the ability to deliver promised results. Only after receiving the accountant stamp of approval, indicated by a green checkmark akin to X’s (formerly Twitter’s) blue verification badge, are apps added to the ‘Professional services’ category.

QuickBooks: Accountant approved bundles

QuickBooks: Professional services

This endorsement holds immense value as it boosts confidence among accountants, making it easier for them to recommend trusted apps to their clients. It diminishes concerns linked with third-party apps, ensuring peace of mind when integrating new tools into accounting workflows.

We take great pride in this recognition, which underscores the dedication we’ve poured into educating and assisting accountants in making informed choices to streamline processes, drive productivity, and achieve impeccable results. Being part of programs like the AICPA Accelerator has given us invaluable insights into  the changing  needs of accounting professionals. Leveraging the expertise of industry leaders and incorporating feedback from countless accountants, we’ve raised our software to new heights.

Synder isn’t just a solution; it’s a game-changer across diverse industries including retail and ecommerce, IT and SaaS, education and nonprofits, and various professional services. We’re honored to be recognized by the accounting community and Intuit and we’re keen to continue our journey of innovation and excellence in service of our valued clients and partners.

Check out why accounting professionals choose Synder by signing up for our 15-day free trial, or book a seat at our Weekly Public Demo to get a guided tour of the software with a specialist. Enjoy seamless automation and elevate your workflows!

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