How Marketing Agencies Can Gain Confidence and Retain Clients Using One Source of Truth for Financial Metrics

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When it comes to tracking and analyzing clients’ numbers, most marketing agencies either have to pull data from several sources, or they have to rely on the client to send over their reports, or gain access to so many different tools.

A logistical nightmare. 

The second is not ideal because by the time they send the data it’s already outdated. This of course leaves the agency at the disadvantage of never knowing their clients’ true numbers and therefore not being able to advise them on marketing decisions that rely on accurate financial info. 

Synder is the one source of truth marketing agencies can rely on for real numbers in real time.  

Now, thanks to Synder, agencies can gain access to these business insights including financial data in an easily digestible format that includes only real numbers.

Synder pulls all your clients data such as transactions, fees, and expenses into one source of truth and gets the data directly from where it originated, whether that’s their ecommerce store like Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce etc…or payment platforms like Stripe, PayPal, Square and others. All data is consolidated into one dashboard (no duplicated content) that is easy for both the agency and client to read. Gone are the days of made up or blended numbers to worry about! It’s all connected in 3 clicks. 

Synder provides an easy to read and understand dashboard where you toggle between different companies you represent with just the click of a button in your agency account. 

While your account is connected to all your clients data, it’s completely secure and does not require agencies to maintain lists of passwords to accounts. This makes logging in both easy and secure.

The best part is that setup is incredibly simple, and both the agency and the client will have access to the same information, leaving no one second guessing where their numbers are coming from. 

Gone are the days of second guessing numbers and having to “justify” what’s happening. Build your agency with trust and credibility

Thanks to Synder, marketing agencies like Digital Dawn are now able to have a no kidding retention strategy for keeping clients longer thanks to the “real data” they are able to provide. Forget made up numbers or confusing clients with marketing lingo, and stop relying on vanity metrics. Instead, agencies are able to share information that both the client and the agency agree on as their “source of truth.” 

“Having a source of truth dashboard has been amazing for me and my clients. It’s given us, as an agency, the ability to share numbers that we can all agree are true and accurate. Which makes having growth conversations so much easier. AND helps me as an agency owner build trust and credibility with my clients.“

Dawn Sinkule CEO, Digital Dawn 

Are you ready to build your agency with a tool that can give you one source of truth for all your clients’ financial metrics like their average order value, lifetime sales value, most purchased products and more? You can try Synder for free with absolutely no obligation and no credit card required. 

Once you’re ready to start onboarding clients, we’ll give you your own affiliate link so you can bring your clients directly to your account and earn extra money. 

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