Cases it may cover: a shipping tax amount is recorded as a line item rather than into the shipping field in QuickBooks Online (for US users).

How it works: Synder records a shipping tax as a line item:

  1. If the Shipping setting is disabled into QuickBooks Online;
  2. If the Shipping setting is enabled into QuickBooks Online, but was disabled during the first sync with Synder.

Solution: Go on syncing transactions containing a shipping tax the same way because:

  1. The shipping tax amount is recorded into a separate income account linked to the Shipping product;
  2. The transaction amount will not change, and your reports will still be accurate and up-to-date.

Here’s an example of a transaction with shipping as a tax (1) and as a line item (2).

Slider image
Slider image

As you can see, the total amount equals $1000 in both cases.

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