This guide details the types of Amazon transactions that are not supported by Synder and must be entered manually. For supported transaction types, please follow this link.

RETURN_WRONG_ITEM transactions

  • Explanation: Buyers can return items, which Amazon then stores in their warehouse for restocking or resale. This type of transaction occurs when Amazon reimburses you after a buyer returns the wrong product but has already been refunded.


  • Explanation: This transaction relates to reimbursements associated with Amazon Prime Wardrobe, a service where customers can try on items before purchasing. Specific details about these Amazon transactions are not supported by Synder.


  • Explanation: This category includes transactions related to the liquidation of inventory through Amazon.

Chargeback transactions

  • Explanation: These are Amazon transactions related to chargebacks, which occur when a buyer disputes a transaction and the amount is refunded to the buyer.

Beginning balance and account level reserve

  • Explanation: It includes Amazon transactions that involve the initial account balance or reserve amounts set aside at the account level.

Amazon Currency Converter (ACCS) service fee

  • Explanation: These are the fees associated with the Amazon Currency Converter service, which allows Amazon Business sellers to receive their earnings in their local currency, regardless of the marketplace’s currency.

Vine enrollment fee

  • Explanation: It refers to fees for enrolling products in the Amazon Vine program, which invites trusted reviewers to post opinions about new products.

TBYB Transactions

  • Explanation: “Try Before You Buy” transactions on Amazon allow customers to try products before making a payment. Customers only complete the payment if they decide to keep the items.

Restocking fee in refund transactions

  • Explanation: These are fees charged to restock items that have been returned by customers and refunded.

Amazon loans

  • Explanation: Transactions related to loans provided by Amazon to sellers are financial interactions where Amazon offers funds to help sellers grow their Amazon businesses. These loans enable sellers to purchase inventory, expand operations, and manage cash flow more effectively.

Please ensure that these unsupported transactions are manually recorded in your accounting system to maintain accurate financial records.

Reach out to Synder Team via online support chat, phone, or email with any questions you have – we’re always happy to help you!

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