Invoices with a value of $0 can appear in your payment platform or ecommerce system due to various reasons such as promotional offers, customer rewards, or zero-dollar authorizations. While these transactions might not have a direct monetary impact, they play a crucial role in maintaining comprehensive records and can be vital for various business analyses.

This guide outlines the Synder’s approach in handling $0 invoices and provides directions on how to manage these transactions based on your specific business requirements.

Integrating $0 invoices into your accounting system

By default, Synder will synchronize $0 transactions to your accounting company, ensuring comprehensive and accurate financial records. These invoices may serve several important purposes, such as tracking customer behavior, recording promotional activity, or verifying payment authorization processes.

Opting out of $0 invoices synchronization

While $0 invoices can offer valuable insights, they might not always be necessary for your bookkeeping. In fact, the synchronization of these invoices does consume syncs, which might be better utilized for other transactions. If you prefer not to include $0 invoices in your accounting records, Synder provides custom solutions tailored to your needs.

You can contact our team at [email protected], and we will assist you in setting up a solution that bypasses the synchronization of $0 transactions, thus preserving your syncs for financially impactful transactions.

Please note that these $0 transactions will still be imported into Synder, but not into your accounting company, and marked as ‘skipped’, ensuring they’re available for review if necessary. This allows for the full transparency of all transaction activities without cluttering your primary accounting records.

Get in touch with the Synder team via online chat, phone, or email with any questions you might have – we are always happy to help you!

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