What We Are Reading This Week - February 26, 2020


Checking back with our New Year’s resolutions

1. Your 2020 to-do list

By Daniel Hood

Every year Accounting Today puts together a list of helpful, self-reflective tasks for each month of the year. This year we’ve started by a) testing our back-ups (January) and b) reviewing current cyber insurance measures (February). Needless to say, both of these tasks are helpful for any type of business or practice. 

Wondering what’s in store for March? Click on the link above to have your entire 2020 sorted. 


2. 23 Health Goals for 2020

by Connie Stemmle

Whether you are a smoothie-drinking vegetarian or a retiree working from your home office, you will find some inspiration in this, surprisingly, kind list of ideas to be our best selves in 2020. How does a 15k step a day routine sound? Not convinced? How about eating home-cooked meals more often? 

Our tip is to choose 2 or 3 habits but really try sticking to them. Did you know that in many cultures Spring Equinox marks a New Year? It’s not too late to start anew! 


3. 2020 Reviews of Expense Management Systems

By Mary Girsch-Bock

It’s very likely that one of your resolutions was to be better with money. We know it’s hard, but it’s easier when you use the best practices available on the market. In 2020, there is no shortage of high-quality expense management solutions available for you. 

Check our qualified reviews of the most popular systems on the market.


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