What we are reading this week - April 8, 2020


Learn about how the IRS functions during the pandemic, which tax and tech services provide free tools at the moment and calculate your possible stimulus amount using a dedicated calculator.

Important Coronavirus Updates 

1. 10 things to know about IRS operations during the coronavirus pandemic

By Jim Buttonow

Anyone trying to get in touch with the IRS these days will notice how difficult it has become, and for an understandable reason — with over 70m individual tax returns still to be processed, and a CARES act passed, there is a lot they are needed for. Jim Buttonow has complied a very relevant advice on just what to expect from the IRS these days and how to deal with the entire process. 


2. Tech and tax companies provide free services during pandemic

By Ranica Arrowsmith

This gem of an article will be useful to small businesses and accountants alike. Here you will find some of the most interesting offers to help businesses and individuals cope with a crisis with free tech and tax services. 


3. Stimulus Calculator

By kinseycpa.com

This is now in our digests, but we decided to include this one anyway. Many Americans are worried about their stimulus checks and want to make sure they can get one. This simple tool will allow you to see an estimate of whether you can count on receiving one and will show you a possible amount. 


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