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What We Are Reading This Week - December 2, 2019

What We Are Reading This Week - December 2, 2019

  A selection of the best articles with tips on how to be prepared for the coming holidays for business owners and accountants.

1. 165 Million Americans Expected to Shop During Thanksgiving Weekend

By CPAPracticeAdvisor

  Thanksgiving isn’t really just one day anymore. It was a week-long event, full of special discounts, offers, advertised promotions, and one-of-a-kind deals. This is a focus period for consumers and vendors alike. Learn why top businesses found it important to make last-minute adjustments to your business operations plan as well as your shopping list.

The tradition of Thanksgiving weekend holiday shopping has become a five-day event with consumers spending money in stores, supporting local small businesses, and online.” — NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay.

2. 3 Steps to Intentionally “Offboard” a Client

by Kelly Gonsalves

  Holiday season is a time when we prepare to reboot. And for accountants especially so, because with January commences a busy period when you cannot have any distractions. Thus, November-December seems to be a perfect time to think of the clients, which you might have a great time working with, but which don’t really fit your vision anymore. 

  Kelly Gonsalves offers her expert advice on how to offboard those clients and step into the holiday season with an ease of mind. 

3. S Corp vs. LLC

by Nellie Akalp

  Nellie Akalp looks at how to help their clients choose between S Corps or LLCs ahead of the new reporting season in order to keep more of their earnings. An accountant that is able to take up the role of a financial advisor is an expert everyone will look to for assistance. 

  Read on and “do your homework on the ins and outs of S Corps vs. LLCs for tax purposes, and you’ll be ready to advise your clients on the best business structure to help them keep more of what they’ve earned”.

Fanya Becker

Fanya Becker

Fanya Becker is a Synder expert with sound experience in consulting various clients on automation solutions. She researches and provides guidance for small businesses on their path towards automating mundane and recurring parts of their workflow, works with professional accountants, and frequently interviews industry experts to create relevant and forward-looking content for Synder.

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