What We Are Reading This Week - May 15, 2020


Weekend reading

Today’s digest focuses on where to apply for PPP, the retail impact of the pandemic and, as a breath of fresh air, 6 tools to help you keep a morning routine while working from home

1. Paycheck Protection Program Loans: The Ultimate Guide

By Tricia Tetreault

If you are not sure where to apply for a newly resumed PPP program and aren’t put away by many things that are unclear in terms of loan forgiveness, this guide could be a helpful start. We do not endorse or receive compensation from any of the clicks on the following article, but it might be sponsored, so please use it as an accompanying reference in your personal research for where it would be best for you personally to apply. 


2. Preparing For The Next Era of Retail: How To Succeed In a World Without COVID-19

By Beatriz Estay

This thought-provoking long-read sheds light on how the retail industry is coping with the pandemic. Many well-researched statistics have been included for you to get a full picture of the biggest losers and winners, trends, and forecasts for where billions of dollars will be gained and lost in the months to come. 


3. 6 Tools To Help You Kickstart Your Morning

By Product Hunt

And finally, in other news this week, we have decided to share this beautiful article that will be helpful to anyone working from home, and anyone trying to stay more motivated or hopeful during these hard times. We loved the tip number five, how about you? 


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