Account for your Shopify store Stripe payments easily

Want to know how to accept Stripe payments in your online store on the Shopify platform and then collect all sales data into your accounting system without errors? Synder is for you!

Merchants on Shopify may struggle with accepting payments via Stripe gateway. With Synder, it becomes easier.

All Stripe payment data are fetched by Synder without mistakes into your accounting system, ensuring quick and simple automated reconciliation.

Afterpay accounting
Get Stripe payments data from your Shopify store into accounting with one click
Take advantage of your accounting process with Synder:
No data export errors
The software knows exactly what sales orders from your Shopify store are paid with Stripe and records them correctly.
No orders duplicates
Your sales orders paid via Stripe are not duplicated or messed up with the orders paid via other payment gateways on Shopify.
Quick reconciliation
The accurate data sync ensures quick and easy reconciliation of all your Shopify sales in the accounting system.

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How Synder will help you manage Stripe data from Shopify

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Easy connection

Invest in setting up Shopify and QuickBooks integration just once, and let Synder do the job for you in the future. The app will keep bringing your Shopify transaction data into the books automatically once a transaction is paid out.

Afterpay accounting integration
Afterpay payments

Import historical Shopify transactions

With Synder, you can bring not only ongoing but also historical Shopify Payments transactions with almost no limits on how far back you can import from. Just tick the data that you need to download – and Synder will do the rest. ""

High level of detail

Sync Shopify with QuickBooks and let Synder bring all the detailsof your paid-out transactions into your books. They will include payments, processor fees, taxes, discounts, shipping, and much more. Leverage the high level of granularity for smarter categorization, better finance management, and smarter tax and sales reports.

Synder smart features for automated bookkeeping

Make the most of your Shopify integration

Automatically create Customers, Vendors, and Products in QuickBooks based on your Shopify Payments transactions, and much more. For more details, consult the Synder Help Center.


Correct financial statements

Synder’s calculations are exact so that you can have excellent P&L statements. Filing your taxes will be much easier now.

Afterpay payments to invoices
Afterpay multicurrency sync

Multiple currency payments

You can accept payments in multiple currencies from any country, as Synder will convey accurate conversion rate calculations with no hassle.

Smart Categorization

Comprehensive reports are available anytime; feel free to fill in any information needed to track your financial activities. In your Sales and Tax reports, you may indicate item and customer info, discounts, shipping fees, locations, Stripe Shopify categories, etc.

Synder synchronizes fees, taxes, and all other important data
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