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Metrics & Reports Every SAAS Startup Should Be Tracking

Live on Tuesday, May 28th at 2 PM EST

Join Synder and Paul Anthony, CEO of OpStart, in an engaging interview-style webinar where he shares the key performance indicators (KPIs) important for speeding up deal closures and doubling your business growth.


What we’ll cover:

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Investors evaluating startup traction
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Accessing and interpreting vital reports
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Analyzing the ARR and MRR to predict future revenue stability
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Calculating Net Burn and Runaway and their importance
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The ideal LTV/CAC ratio
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Interpreting and acting on churn and retention metrics

Register today, and we’ll send you a recording and a one-page 
summary for free!


featured Speakers:

Paul Anthony

Paul Anthony, CEO of OpStart - an expert in managing accounting, finance, and other critical back-office functions for startups.

Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams, an interviewer from Synder - a seasoned speaker with extensive experience in startup ecosystems

Don’t miss out on mastering the metrics that’ll drive your SaaS startup forward. Join us and transform data into growth!

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