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Adam Truszkowski is the Sr. Strategist at High Voltage SEO. He's been in digital marketing and SEO for the better part of 20 years and building winning campaigns at HV for clients big and small.
Alex Carter is a marketing professional at Decimal with broad experience across B2B and B2C businesses. His area of focus more recently has been within B2B Startups to build marketing organizations that can scale by leaning on data to track impact throughout the sales journey and tie all activities back to revenue.
Ana Misiuro is a financial expert and lead content manager at Synder who helps businesses and accounting professionals to get a better handle on all things ecommerce, marketing and everything in between. Once a newbie herself, she knows the importance of understanding the basic concepts and learning from best practices when you’re just starting out in the world of ecommerce. Drawing from her talks with accountants and business owners, Ana creates educational content that bridges theory and practice.
Anastasia is a FinTech professional with a background in marketing and customer support. Her expertise in embracing different perspectives enriches her writing, striking a chord with the interests and requirements of business owners. Drawing on years of experience in the financial services sector, Anastasia possesses a keen eye for detail, identifying trending and relevant topics. Recently, she’s been interested in AI and how it affects the marketing and accounting fields, so she stays at the forefront of industry trends.
With years of experience as a content strategist and creator, Anita has the 'superpower' of being a clear human voice for brands when talking to their audience. One of the projects she currently enjoys the most is being a content associate at EU Business School.
Anita is Synder’s Partner Communication Manager with a strong background in SaaS and FinTech. She is an experienced writer and researcher with a particular interest in all things related to finance, technology, marketing, and law. Her MA in Law & Economics ensures she has a deeper understanding of complex financial concepts, allowing her to present them in a simple and comprehensive way. She is a dedicated lifelong learner passionate about constantly gaining new knowledge and further improving herself both professionally and personally.
Ann has 3+ years of experience working in a fintech company helping Saas and e-commerce businesses and accountants automate their books. With a background in Customer Success and a keen interest in psychology, she belives that human approach is the main thing driving the success of any business.
Anta Pattabiraman is the co-founder and CEO of Inai, a global payment stack simplifying native payments within a single integration. Over the last 5 years, he has worked with 200+ businesses ranging from SMEs to Bigtechs.
Art Malkovich is CEO and co-founder of Onilab, an eCommerce development company. He has about 10 years of experience in team management and web development for eCommerce. He is passionate about keeping up with recent technologies and working on innovative projects like headless commerce solutions and PWAs in particular.
Barbara is a Program manager at Synder who holds an MA Hons in Psychology and looks for a human side within the world of economics, always seeing people behind the numbers. She’s fascinated by the intersection of technology and psychology, exploring products and apps that help us live better lives. Barbara is passionate about behavioral economics, marketing, and positive psychology.
Benjamin Szweda is the owner of Szweda Consulting, LLC. His Cleveland, Ohio, based accounting firm helps small businesses with their bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, and tax needs. In addition to coaching businesses to success, as a Certified Personal Trainer, Szweda has a passion for health and fitness. When not working, Szweda loves playing tennis, cycling, traveling, and enjoying Cleveland’s burgeoning food scene.
Brandon Beal, Sr. Ecosystem Partnerships Manager at Gusto, is a true proprietor of fostering successful collaborations. Beal leverages innovative tech solutions to help empower SMBs at Gusto. This entails building out partnership ecosystems and helping to cultivate a win-win-win situation for small businesses, his partners, and Gusto. As an SMB owner himself, he’s extremely passionate about working smarter by utilizing technology.
Brandon Lee is a content marketing expert who helps businesses master the art of storytelling and creating amazing digital content. When he’s not writing or reading, you can find him spending time with his beautiful wife and kids.
Brittanie’s accounting journey began at 16 when she started tracking literally every penny earned, spent, or found. Since then, she has acquired her BS in Accounting and MS in Finance and worked with businesses in industries ranging from construction to farming, marketing to fitness instructors, and ghostwriting to retail. Brittanie formed Tairiseach in 2020 as a way to help small and micro business owners take control of their finances so they can concentrate on doing what they love.
Bryan Christiansen is the founder and CEO of Limble CMMS. Limble is a modern, easy-to-use mobile CMMS software that takes the stress and chaos out of maintenance by helping managers organize, automate, and streamline their maintenance operations.
Carolyn Young has over fifteen years of experience working with startup companies in consulting and management roles and has written numerous business plans and helped entrepreneurs obtain startup funding. She is the Lead Business Expert for Step By Step Business, a site that enables you to save time, money, and stress when setting up your company.
Chris Scott is the co-owner and COO of HireEffect™, a national firm founded in 2007, providing outsourced bookkeeping, payroll, human resources, and recruiting services to founder-led businesses. With over 25 years of experience in the IT space, his focus is on influencing the HireEffect team and their business owner clients to be Technology Forward – one of the four core values of the firm. Chris leads the Operations Team in implementing HireEffect’s “secret sauce” - seamlessly integrating accounting technology with general ledger platforms to achieve maximum efficiency.
Constantin is a tech-savvy digital marketer. He is keen on analytics and the comparison of different software solutions. Hiking fan and home chef during his free time.
Let me do the nerdy stuff so that you can do your awesome stuff. I love budgets. Truly. Love. Budgets. And economics. I get excited at the story numbers tell and the practical decisions that can be made from them. But the biggest reward is bringing peace to you and your fellow business owners. The world needs the services and products you provide. Let Morris Better Bookkeeping help you do that.
Dawn Sinkule is an MBA graduate with over 17 years of experience at a Fortune 25 retail company. During her time in corporate America, she successfully managed billion-dollar budgets and led teams of thousands. Dawn has since successfully created, managed, and operated an award-winning, unique boutique agency: Digital Dawn.
Doug is a freelance writer that has covered topics in the finance and eCommerce industries for the past decade. When writing, he loves to research and discuss the impacts of automation in the finance and accounting sectors.
Fanya Becker is a Synder expert with sound experience in consulting various clients on automation solutions. She researches and provides guidance for small businesses on their path towards automating mundane and recurring parts of their workflow, works with professional accountants, and frequently interviews industry experts to create relevant and forward-looking content for Synder.
Freya is an SEO consultant that helps brands scale their organic traffic with content creation and distribution. She is a quoted contributor in several online publications, including Business Insider, Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, and the Huffington Post. She also owns CollectingCents - a personal finance blog that she grew from the ground up.
Geni believes there is magic in numbers. Everything she does, from working with wineries in the Napa Valley, to teaching accountants how to deliver advisory services, to keynote presentations is about making the magic accessible to others. Originally from Greenville, SC she now finds herself in the incredible Napa Valley, California where she gets to work with fellow magicians at BDCo in bringing numbers to life.
Helga is a proofreader and copywriter in Synder. She has a degree in Linguistics and a keen interest in FinTech. In her writing, she explores such areas as accounting and business development. Helga is sure that a person’s best weapon is the word, it being the cornerstone of every type of relationship.
Hiya Chaplot is Growth Manager at Zevi, a search and discovery platform for e-commerce brands. With a passion for continuous learning, she majored in marketing and stays informed through newsletters and podcasts. Hiya's recent focus has been on AI's impact on E-commerce, enabling her to stay ahead in this ever-evolving field. Her curiosity and dedication reflect in her pursuit of industry trends, ensuring Zevi's growth remains at the forefront.
Ian David started his career in brick-and-mortar retail management, which quickly included ecommerce and digital marketing as well. He’s an avid reader and a self-taught expert in SEO and content marketing. He writes for several publications on a variety of digital marketing topics. Recently, his focus has been on using influencer and affiliate marketing to drive more conversions.
Irina is a small business manager with a keen interest in the ever-changing world of commerce. She has been writing about the latest trends in ecommerce using her experience in managing a team of 15 in a small business. She has a deep understanding of the ecommerce industry always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve, which helps her create actionable articles that resonate with business owners and accounting professionals. Irina is passionate about helping businesses succeed and believes that her background in small business management will help others navigate the intricacies of the market.
Jake Rheude is the Vice President of Marketing for Red Stag Fulfillment, an eCommerce fulfillment warehouse that was born out of eCommerce. He has years of experience in eCommerce and business development. In his free time, Jake enjoys reading about business and sharing his own experience with others.
Jessica Vang is an entrepreneur, marketing writer, and life coach. As a coach, she enjoys guiding people toward success. Jessica believes that one of the best niches to launch a business now is online education. Hence, she can help you promote your online courses.
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Having collaborated with a wide spectrum of clients, from budding startups to well-established corporations, Kane offers a variety of financial guidance. His exceptional talent lies in simplifying intricate financial matters, enabling his clients to grasp their financial situation comprehensively and make well-informed decisions. Always on the lookout for cutting-edge financial tools, Kane introduces automation and digital wizardry into his work at BKZ Financial Services, making the numbers dance to their tune.
Kate is a FinTech writer with a degree in innovation technologies and experience in the e-commerce services industry. She draws inspiration from stories about unique startups and passionately follows the latest trends in global markets. Her day starts with a latte and a news digest from the world of accounting, finance management, and online-business to always keep her articles up to date.
Kelly has been named a Top 50 cloud accountant in North America and a member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network. In 2019 she was Insightful Accountant's Top Up-n-Comer ProAdvisor and has been a Top 100 ProAdvisor every year since. In 2015, Kelly founded Totally Booked, based in NYC, to help business owners find empowerment in their financials.
Kristen Nies Ciraldo is a small business creator. Full-charge bookkeeper. Restaurant & bar consultant. Boutique practice fan. Her true north is helping owners get back to what matters. She does it by demystifying how we handle data, business, goals, & money. Not only does this help the day-to-day, it also invites us to wonder what else might be simpler than we first believed.
Marissa is an account specialist who has worked in accounting and finance for over 15 years with a specialty in fintech, apps, and automations. They are a go-to person when it comes to questions related to big data, queries, implementations, and advanced scripting. In addition to writing about technology, Marissa develops apps, workflows and writes operating procedures. They love coding and development and improving the accounting industry with the best, most advanced technology!
Matt Darner is a Co-founder of CollBox, which is “Accounts Receivable Done For You” for businesses. As a revenue leader, he knows how hard it is to grow a company and is passionate about getting businesses paid for their hard work through the use of technology with a human touch.
CEO and Founder of Synder
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Michelle Vilms, MBA, CEO of Vilms Consulting, has over twenty years of experience in accounting management in corporate and entrepreneurial settings, and board experience with non-profit civic organizations. She is a QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisor and was named a Top 100 ProAdvisor by Insightful Accountant in 2019-2023 as well as the Top QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor for 2022. Ignition selected her as one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting in 2020 and 2021. She is also a member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network and the Ignition Council.
Olga is a FinTech writer with a degree in communications and business experience in e-commerce. Passionate about all things connected with money and the principles of human behavior. Financial psychology and trends of global markets are her favorite topics to investigate.
Rachel Dauchy is an ecommerce bookkeeping expert based in Southeast Michigan. She is also a Shopify Affiliate and helps many sellers with their inventory needs, consults to determine which cloud-based inventory app to use, and helps them navigate sales tax compliance. Rachel is also a cohost of “Ecomm As You Are Roundtable” from Roundtable Labs. Her firm NetDeposited also owns and operates an ecommerce store on the Shopify platform called “Two Hands One Mind”, which sells educational toys for children.
Robert McMillen is an entrepreneur, finance professional, consultant, and passionate writer. For many years using his industry knowledge and experience he has helped his clients to create more wealth and reduce costs.
Sarah is a Content writer at Method — the #1 automation tool for QuickBooks and Xero users. With a background in marketing and customer relations, she is passionate about crafting customer-focused copy that inspires and motivates small business owners. In her free time, she enjoys reading about small business trends and sharing tactics that solve real problems and take companies to the next level.
Sean Flannigan is the Content Marketing Manager at Shogun. He writes about all things e-commerce marketing and store design at Shogun's Ecommerce Growth Blog.
Volha is an IT / FinTech writer with expertise in writing for the technology, accounting, and online business industries and vast independent entrepreneurship background. Interested in business development and all aspects of digitization, she's been helping businesses and accountants embrace technology to optimize their workflows.
Will Schneider is the founder of InsightQuote, a match-making service for B2B services, and writes informative posts about fulfillment services at Warehousing And Fulfillment. He’s passionate about helping businesses find the right solutions to improve their operations. When not working, Will enjoys coaching youth basketball.